We believe…

that, “The smallest distance in between two persons is a smile”. Humor for us is not just a tool, it’s an attitude towards life. We believe that the developing and spreading of this attitude is increasing the quality in Youth Work.

We plan…

to promote high-quality youth work by understanding better the challenges of intercultural youth work from the aspect of different „humour languages”, and by developing concrete methods and a helping network to answer this challenges.

We decided…

to run a 14 month long, strategical partnership project in four countries – Hungary, Italy, Romania & Spain – by the following organisations: Birs OTI Hungary, Muovimente,  New Horizons Foundation & PARKERI.

With the help of…

trainers, experts, youthworkers, and an Erasmus+ KA2 project, supported by Spanish National Agency for Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. The project is Co-funded by the European Union. More informaton about Erasmus+ possibilities: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus-plus_en


Are you interested in the results of the online research?
Enjoy quick access to the report!


Thoughts and findings about the humor in learning context, condensed  theoretical insights and a lots of questions!
Enjoy the process of reading!


Who we are?

Valters Melderis

Free-lance non-formal education trainer with a passion for humor in everyday life and also in the training context.

Álvaro Díaz Cuevas

Part of Parkeri Team, always learning while co-creating learning environments… sometimes even with humor!

Mafalda Morganti

Trainer devoted to storytelling, theater and non formal education. She loves singing, quoting movies, avocados and tea.

Réka Széplaki

Trainer, marketing creative and president of Birs OTI. She likes to make jokes, photos, fairy tales and to relax on the beach.

Andrada Suciu

The project manager for VIATA Program of NHF, works as a facilitator and as a trainer. She enjoys hiking and playing board games.

Patricia Eguía

Part of Parkeri Team; my specialitiy is creating safe and comfortable working and learning atmospheres. Humor is of course the salt for it!

Andrea Ballanti

A big friendly giant in Bologna. Living, loving, laughing, and teaching in primary school. Making some art, sometimes, somehow.

Judit Szabados

Marketing specialist and volunteer of Birs OTI, works on the visibility and dissemination of the project. Se loves playing tennis and sailing.

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