2nd meeting

From 19th until 23rd of May “Humor ME!” ┬áteam met again in Budapest to look back at last 6 months of the project and develop future action plan.

We were happy to meet old friends and also to welcome new people in our team, that agreed to be part of this adventure that we call project.

There is a saying used quite a lot in Non-formal education world – “trust the process”. However, evaluating what has been done so far, we’ve come to a conclusion that sometimes it’s needed to trust the result. Even though the process has been with it’s ups and downs, we are very proud with the result – desk research and information gathered about humor, questionnaire with a good reply rate, beautiful website and Facebook page, and what’s the most important – people, who are still motivated and committed to discovery and experiments in the humor field.

We worked quite hard to develop the program of the seminar, that will happen in the end of July in Spain and also on the strategy how better to spread the news, information and progress of the project. So, make sure that you check out our Facebook page and website – we will provide you with all kinds of cool stuff regarding humor, that we and you might find useful for your work and personal life:)

Main conclusions after this meeting? Let’s trust the result, keep our hearts in the project (which we believe is the key to the quality of the project), meeting in person and find time to devote for working together beats all the internet communication in the world and… Escape Room is a cool stuff to do together!”